The Drought Is Over

Let’s see if this sounds familiar. You have just been hired to a new region. Your job is to increase sales. Currently, the territory is drier than a California drought. Let’s make it even worse. The economy is in the dumps. Your company is not the market leader. You don’t have that many products to sell. What do you do? How do you turn it on and make it rain?

Here are some ideas to get you started. Turn yourself into a rainmaker.

The main goal is to keep things simple.

Step 1. Current customers (The most important)

One quick mistake people make is they ignore their current customers. They go right after developing a territory plan focusing on acquiring new customers. This is the hardest thing to do. Focus your first month on mapping out where the business is coming from. Especially where the business has come from in the last 3 years at a minimum. Get comfortable with Excel and pivot table the data to death. If you’re lucky enough to have a legit CRM, then create all kinds of reports. Sales reports. Product data.

Once you have that data proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Massage the data

Once you have all the data then you need to figure out what to focus on. Sort out the big dollar sales. This is where you will spend time on first. The customers who have purchased the most in the past should be a priority immediately. Go out and meet every one of them if you can. Update their software. Do whatever to get in front of them. In-person is the best.

Step 3. Get email addresses, email addresses, and more email addresses. (Legitimately)

Collect all the emails you have in the database. Scour old trade show leads, webinar leads, etc. Don’t go out and buy a bunch of emails unless you know it is a legit service. Clean them up. I usually get rid of personal emails, consultants, and any other bozos. Get skilled at identifying bozos. It’s a technical term for people who will waste your time.

Step 4. Be your own marketing team

Now that you have a clean email database and an understanding of where the bones are buried, develop a schedule to kick some butt.

Import all those email addresses into an email marketing program such as Mailchimp. Send out a newsletter every month or two with relevant material. Link academic information if you don’t have anything internally.

One thing I hate it when people complain about leads. There are so many free services out there. Establish the mindset you’ll have to do it yourself first. Coordinate with marketing also if you can. More the merrier.

Step 5. Get hustlin’

Once you have sent out your first blast. Wait a few days and then start calling people. You now have a soft opening. You can say, “I sent you an email, I am the new manager in the area….Can we meet to discuss how you are doing with X product? What support do you need?”

Simple right. Email first then follow up with a call.

coffee closers.gif

Don’t be shy now. This is the time step up and develop a good work ethic. Research shows prospects require a minimum 5 follow ups to make decision whether they want to engage with you. Meaning email, call, email, call, meet, call, email, meet, etc, etc.

Just be relentless.

One last thing. ABC. Always Be Closing. How can you forget that? Work on your messaging over and over. Get better at tweaking it.

Some additional tips

  • Research your industry and competitors
  • Network. Go to industry events. Meet people. Don’t sit behind a computer.
  • Make calls. Yes make outbound calls.
  • Be consistent. Over time this will work. Keep at it.

There are so many more tips and paths you can take. Hopefully this provides you some direction on where to start. You’re not lost. I got you.

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